3rd of the name

Once again Patrick Rondat trusted LNA Guitar Effects for the conception of his 3rd Signature Distortion ! ILike the previous versions,  we have here precision and a super clean sound … but with some modifications of the harmonic spectrum. This 3rd version benefits from an addition of low-midrange and a slight drop in high-midrange. The goal was to give more “body” to the sound, and it is rather successful. If you liked the previous versions of this distortion, this 3rd version will not disappoint you.

A compact size, but still as versatile

Despite its small size, we find the 5 main settings of the 2 previous versions:

  • “Gain”, which allows you to go from an almost clean sound to a big saturation

  • “Volume”, which allows you to adjust the output volume, adding + 20dB to the maximum

  • “Bass”, which cuts or boosts bass from -20dB to + 20dB

  • “Middle”, which cuts or boosts mids from -20dB to + 20dB

  • “Treble”, which cuts or boosts the treble from -20dB to + 20dB

Inputs / Outputs

  • Input : Asymetric 6.35mm Jack (TS, Tip/Sleeve)
  • Output : Asymetric 6.35mm Jack (TS, Tip/Sleeve)
  • Power : 2.1mm cylindrical inlet, negative center

MK2 / MK3 comparison

Demo by Stef LNA, MK3 developer

Essai de la MK3, par Kévin ROCHE

La démo complète en condition, par Kévin ROCHE

Un test complet, par le Hangar des Guitares

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Points de vente

Space optimization

The ideal size for pedalboard optimization !

True-bypass for a free-loss signal

The switch of the MK3 is True-bypass, so there is no degradation of the sound when the effect is turned off.

Imaginated, designed and manufactured in France

All LNA Guitar Effects products are made in France, from the design to the closing of the case.

Analog chain

The audio signal is processed in Analog from input to output

Technical characteristics

  •  Signal to noise ratio: 20dB
  •  Weight: 250 grams
  •  Dimensions: 120 x 60 x 60 mm
  •  Current consumption: 100 mA
  •  Power supply: +9Vdc external power supply only

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